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My Background

When it came to getting married, I designed and handmade loads of items for our wedding – including my wedding dress and wedding bouquet. (Both of these can be seen in the photo below.)

I loved being able to put my own stamp on our wedding, and I consider myself really fortunate that my backgrounds in art, fashion and bridal design allowed me to do so.

Now I want to use my bespoke service to help other couples put their own stamp on their special day.

If you have any ideas in mind around bouquets, wedding stationery, accessories,  garments, or any thing else for your wedding, simply get in touch.

I will work with you to bring these ideas to life by following the steps below.

 1. Initial Enquiry

For initial enquiries on bespoke designs, you can email me at jane@janeymac.ie. Alternatively, you can DM me on instagram: @janeymac.ie

The more info you provide at this stage the better e.g. the theme of your wedding, your wedding date, the type of items you would like made etc.

2. Consultation

After the initial enquiry, I can arrange a virtual consultation session.

At this stage, we can talk you through some of the ideas, I can share some sketches etc.

I will also provide details of pricing and estimated timelines.

3. The Design

After the consultation service, if we are happy to move forward, I will share full drawings of the proposed items.

4. Handmaking the Items

Once you are satisfied with the designs, I will begin handmaking your items.

You will receive photos and videos of every step of the process, as your items are being made.

This will let us make changes as we go, in case you see something you would like done a little different.

5. The End Product.

Once you are happy with your end product, I will arrange for your item to be couriered directly to your home address.

If you have any queries on any of this, feel free to get in touch. 😊


Jane Mckenna (Janey Mac)


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