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Covid-19 restrictions have changed weddings as we know them in Ireland.

There are restrictions on the numbers permitted to attend with weddings currently limited to 50 guests. There is also a ban on live music, and weddings are required to finish by 11.30pm.

But for now, I don’t want to focus on what’s going to be different. If you are planning on getting married over the next couple of months, there are loads of things that social distancing guidelines or other restrictions won’t be able to take away from your special day. 😊

Instead of listing things that will change, here’s 10 things that haven’t changed.

  1. The Fun the night before your wedding – The night before your wedding, with your bridesmaids and family will still be loads of fun. Fuelled by giddy excitement, you will be sure to laugh the night away.
The night before…
  1. The excitement the morning of your wedding – The morning of your wedding will still be full of excitement…. And stress…. But mainly excitement.
The Morning Schedule…
  1. Wearing your Dream Wedding Dress – No matter what restrictions are in place or how much you have reduced your guest list, nothing will be able to take away the feeling of putting on your dream wedding dress on your special day.
Wearing your dream dress…
  1. Walking Down The Aisle – Whether you are being walked down the aisle by your Dad or by someone else special to you, it is still going to be a magical moment.
Walking down the aisle…
  1. The First Kiss – You will still have your first kiss as a married couple 😘
The first kiss…
  1. Leaving the ceremony as a married couple – That feeling leaving walking back up the aisle as a married couple to an upbeat recessional song will still be one of the highlights of the day.
ok… you wont be walking past the Eiffel Tower.. but its a cool photo 😂
  1. Good Food – There will be no restrictions around how much you can eat 😊 Enjoy!! 😋
Food, glorious food…
  1. Making Your Parents Proud – A wedding day is always a really proud day for the parents of the married couple. Getting married while the current restrictions are in place certainly won’t make your parents any less proud. 🤗
  1. Cutting The Cake – All of the old wedding traditions will still remain intact while restrictions are in place. One of these traditions is the cutting of the cake. It will probably be a picture on your wall (or your parents wall) for years to come… so make sure and smile 😃

    Cutting the cake…
  2. The First Dance – Speaking of old wedding traditions… Even if there is a ban on live music and there wont be any guests on the dancefloor, you will still be able to enjoy your first dance as a married couple. 😍
The first dance…

If you are getting married soon, no matter what restrictions or guidelines are in place, your wedding day is still going to be really special.

Embrace it and enjoy it. 😊

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