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Creating your seating plan is definitely one of the trickiest parts of planning your wedding.

Trying to plan it during a pandemic with loads of social distancing restrictions in place makes it even trickier.

To try and help make this a little easier, I’ve included 5 steps to plan your Socially Distant Seating Plan.

The Stress of the Seating Plan…

Step 1 – Finalise your Guest List

Complete the final list of guests that will be attending your wedding. If you need help managing your guest list under the current guidelines, you could check out this post.

Step 2 – Check in with your Venue

Once you have finalised your guest list, you can let your venue know your final numbers. Your venue should then be able to provide you with a template showing the number of tables and the number of guests allowed at each table in order to maintain social distancing.

You might want to confirm with them that they are happy for guests from the same household to be seated together without the need to social distance.

Step 3 – Download the ‘Janey Mac Table Planner’

You can download the JaneyMac table planner here.

Step 4 – Add your guests to the ‘Janey Mac Table Planner

Add your guests to the Table Planner as shown in the video below.

Step 5 – Finalise with your table plan

You can essentially play around with your table plan by ‘cutting and pasting’ your guests into different tables as outlined below.

Play around with this until you land on a seating plan that you are happy with.

Remember to keep social distancing in mind by keeping a gap between guests that will need to be socially distant. You can include guests from the same household side by side in the plan.

Tip: Maybe highlight the guests that are from the same household, so it will be visible for the wedding co-ordinator and the management team at the venue.

Step 6 – Share your Seating Plan with your Venue

Simply email the seating plan you your wedding co-ordinator and you’re done. 😁


I hope these simple steps make it easier for you to complete your seating plan. 😊


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