When it came to our wedding,  I was delighted to have my hair done by my regular and favourite hairdresser – Dawn from Envy Hair.  👰

I caught up with Dawn for a quick chat, to talk a little bit about what she likes the most about doing bridal hair and how she has coped with the Covid-19 restrictions.

Dawn’s salon…

Check out the 5 questions below;

Who are Envy Hair & Beauty and what sets you apart?

Envy hair is located in ballinagar, Tullamore Co. Offaly  – owned by myself Dawn Power. I’ve been in the trade for over 23 years. We are  a small family run business which sets us apart from other salons. We like to consider our clients more than just a client but our friends. Here at envy, we strive to work with each client on a one to one basis and build a continued trust with our clients. We offer a huge range of services to clients ranging from colours to extensions.

What are the current trends in your industry and how has it been impacted by Covid-19?

Trends never stop changing from season to season and something we pride ourselves on is our continued growth in training and up skilling. Even throughout covid, we have asserted ourselves and continued our training online between business and creative colouring. It’s been challenging but we realised covid wasn’t going anywhere fast and acted upon it.

Dawn’s salon…

What do you expect to see coming down the tracks over the next couple of years?

Over the next few years I expect huge booking numbers for weddings. Unfortunately, now we are on our second year of cancellations and to be honest I dont blame people. Your wedding day should be everything and more than you desire.

Dawn’s Salon…

What is the best thing about doing a brides hair on her wedding day?

I love nothing more than seeing that bride on her wedding day beaming with excitement. It’s the greatest feeling of all time seeing my brides all ready knowing I had an input in making their day run smoothly. All us women know once your hair is done we can manage anything lol

Dawn’s Salon…

What advice would you give to brides when it comes to their wedding day hair?

If I can give any advice to brides, this is it –  please don’t go for something totally out of your comfort zone. With your style,  be you and not what you think people will want to see you looking like. It’s your day and nobody else’s. We all have our own unique styles – GO WITH IT ❤️
Another bit of advice I would give is  that when going for your dress fitting, hit your beautician and hairdresser up! Make your trial appointments with them that morning and go try on your dress. You will be amazed on what a difference this makes seeing your whole look complete. Something may or may not suit and this way you can determine without having way too many unnecessary hair and makeup  trials.
Also, ladies remember that this is your day -not your bridesmaids. You choose their style and stick with it unless your super easy going. I’ve seen way too many brides getting stressed over this situation. If u like it stick with it xx

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