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Our latest featured supplier on JaneyMac.ie is the amazing wedding photographer Keith Jenkinson. 😀

With 20 years of experience, Keith has seen it all. You can check out his JaneyMac profile along with some of his incredible work here.

Stay reading if you would like to learn a little bit more about Keith as a person, and what he could bring to your wedding day…

Can you tell us a bit bout yourself and your job as a wedding photographer?

I started photography kind of by accident. I got a job after leaving the finance game up in the IFSC and got a job in a local photography and framing shop and that’s where it started.

Picked up a cheap Nikon camera and soon after started clicking the shutter button and haven’t stopped since. I started doing studio photography first with couples, kids, whatever people wanted really and then progressed onto weddings.

I did my first wedding on my own in 2001 and was nervous as hell but got through it and I’ve just kept on going and still love it.

Keith Jenkinson Photography…

What has the wedding industry been like for you before Covid-19 and now as the industry is starting to open up again?

The wedding industry for me has been decent enough, I’ve never really been stuck for work and as I’ve never advertised before all my work was gained by word of mouth.

I’m hoping (like everyone else in the industry and more importantly those getting married) that things get back to some kind of normality soon as no one knows what’s happening and I’m sure there are thousands of couples waiting to pull the trigger and get their big day done and dusted.

Keith Jenkinson Photography…

What do you expect to see happen over the next few years in the wedding industry, as a photographer?

I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen in the industry. The last big thing for me was the introduction of digital cameras but who knows what’s coming down the line.

Keith Jenkinson Photography…

What is your favourite thing about being a photographer?

I love the buzz I get off of doing a wedding….it’s kind of like a nervous and excited feeling hitting you at the same time and there’s nothing like it.

Bear in mind, I’ve done hundreds of weddings over the last 20 years but that feeling still gets me every time and I wouldn’t ever want that to go away.

Keith Jenkinson Photography…

What advice/tips do you give couples when you are working with them?

The best tip I try to get couples to remember is to try and relax and enjoy the day. I’ve usually built up a bit of a rapport with the couple before the wedding or sometimes just the bride to be but because I have a great deal of experience, I am calm, relaxed and in the mood for a bit of craic and that will usually affect those around me so we all have a great day.

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