All of my invitations are my own personal designs. Each individual design has been hand drawn and hand painted.

As a secondary school art teacher, I am used to sharing my design ideas and techniques in the classroom with my students. One of the main motivating factors in launching this website was to also be able to share some wedding design ideas and techniques with couples planning to get married.

To do this, I will be including plenty of step by step guides to show how to make different items, decorations and accessories for your wedding day. I have also launched my own range of wedding stationery including Wedding Invitations, Save the Date Cards, and Change the Date Cards.

The idea behind launching this range of stationery was essentially driven by my love of drawing. Each piece of stationery has been designed, hand drawn and hand painted by myself.

I’ve detailed the process below based on my nature collection of invitations. You can continue reading if you are interested in finding out a little more about the process.

The Inspiration

The last year or so has been really strange, particularly because we had essentially been on lockdown for a significant amount of it. One of the things that I actually really enjoyed during lockdown was getting out for walks with Fiachra (our little boy).

It was really nice for us to be able to connect with nature. On our walks we picked plenty of flowers and collected loads of leaves which would form the inspiration for my nature collection of wedding stationery.

Some Inspiration…
Some Inspiration…

The Initial Sketches

The first part of the process was to begin sketching some of these leaves and flowers with pencil and pen. This allowed me to make sure that I was happy with the shape and design of them on paper.

It also helped me decide which ones looked well together and complimented each other.


Drawing the Invitations

Once I was happy with the initial sketches of the flowers and leaves, the next step for me was to actually start drawing these onto watercolour card in the form of Wedding Invitations

I played around with loads of different combinations and ideas when doing this. I kept the ones I liked and discarded the ones I wasn’t happy with.

It’s definitely fair to say that I discarded more than I kept 🙂


Painting the Invitations

The final step in the design process was to paint to invitations. Each invitation was hand painted using water colour paint.

I sampled loads of different colour schemes to see which colours I thought went well together.

Once I had enough colour schemes that I was happy with, I started painting the invitations. Once again it was a case of trying out different combinations and colour schemes on different invitations, keeping the ones I liked and discarding the ones I didn’t.

Again, I definitely discarded more than I kept 🙂

Getting Ready to Paint…

More to Come

I hope to get time over the coming months to add to the collection and get more designs uploaded… So make sure to keep an eye out. 😊

Some More Work in Progress…
Some More Work in Progress…
Some More Work in Progress…

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