Wedding Stationery Package (Stationery & Jewellery)



Introducing the JaneyMac Bridal Package. 😍 Hand Painted Stationery and Bridal Jewellery in one place 🤗

You’ll also receive your own unique discount code which can be shared with your wedding party and wedding guests. This code can then be used to get 20% off all orders right up to your wedding day. 👌

All stationery is comes on 300 gsm textured card with envelopes included. You can follow this link to check out my full range of hand painted Stationery Designs

Feel free to get in touch for a free enquiry. I will be more than happy to help with any questions. 😊You can  hit the messenger button at the bottom of this screen, or select the Free Enquiry option from the dropdown below. I’ll make sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.

See below full details on pricing.

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With prices starting from  €250, this JaneyMac Bridal Package includes the following:

  • Wedding Stationery – up to 100 cards. These can include Save The Date Cards, Full Invitations and/or Evening Invitations.
  • Wedding Jewellery – A Jewellery Set of your choice, from the range available on Or any individual items from to a value of €40.
  • Wedding Consultation (Optional) – Virtual or Phone Consultation up to 30 minutes long to discuss invitation choice, wedding themes and bridal fashion.
  • 20% Discount – If you avail of this package, you will also receive a unique code which you can use to get 20% of all orders for you and your guests right up to your wedding day.

You can include additional stationery cards, above the 100 cards included in the package for an additional cost of €0.50 per card.

Further details available in this blog.

Additional information

No. Of Invites

Enquiry (Free), 0-100 cards (€250), 110 cards (€255), 120 cards (€260), 130 cards (€265), 140 cards (€270), 150 cards (€275), 160 cards (€280), 170 cards (€285), 180 cards (€290), 190 cards (€295), 200 cards (€300), 210 cards (€305), 220 cards (€310), 230 cards (€315), 240 cards (€320), 250 cards (€325), 260 cards (€330), 270 cards (€335), 280 cards (€340), 290 cards (€345), 300 cards (€350)


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