I love weddings that have a unique element to them, whether it’s through a theme or personality of the couple. Brian and I were always going to have a vintage inspired wedding as I love all things reminiscent of the past and pre-loved. We will be featuring Weddings that have an interesting theme or story to them over the next couple of months. I am interested to see what another couple have done with their planning for their big day, and other couples might be inspired also.

I am delighted to feature our first Real Bride Rommeij. Her wedding looked spectacular and it definitely evokes Rommeijs personality. You should read up on the Asylum in Peckham – it makes for an interesting read and has beautiful stained glass windows!  Thank you Rommeij for letting us have a glimpse of your special day.

Q1 can you tell us about the theme of your wedding and why you chose this theme?
We tied the knot on our 7th anniversary, which was also April’s Full Pink Moon. Astronomy is an interest of ours (as you can see by my dress) so it felt like such a good date for us to wed. We had a slight astrological vibe but tried not to get tied down to any particular theme. We used the full moon as inspiration for all the circular table numbers and seating plan. Our flowers were foliage heavy using the silvery tones of eucalyptus and a soft white colour palette. Just a hint of blush pink was included to represent the full pink moon happening above us.

Real Weddings…

Q2. Your ceremony venue looked amazing! What can you tell us about it?
We were living in South London and visited Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham (AKA the Asylum Chapel, which immediately makes you assume of an old residence for the mentally ill but the site was actually a retirement home for former pub landlords.) Like many homes and buildings in South East London, the chapel was heavily damaged by a bomb in World War II. The roof was destroyed but the part-derelict state of Asylum is what makes it utterly charming.  Candles sit on what remains of the altar. The stained glass windows are stunning and in varying condition and some of the original blue and gold leaf paintwork still remains along the walls. We absolutely were in love with the place and they had our date available.

Q3. You made your own wedding invitations which looked gorgeous. Was it a time consuming process and can you tell us about it?

We tried to DIY as much as possible as we love working on projects together. Rikki built a bottle jack letterpress and we made all of our save the dates and invitations by hand in our kitchen in the evenings while our then 2-year-old was asleep in bed! It was trial and error and a lot of help from my cousin who has a master’s degree in Printmaking. We were delighted with the outcome.

Real Weddings…

Q4. Who designed your wedding dress? And was it what you pictured your dress would be?
 My dress was designed by Woná Concept, formerly Crystal Design. The story begins with a message from the ladies of Love Bridal in Crystal Palace saying “we have found your dress!” whilst on a buying trip in Europe. I was working in the boutique at the time but I wasn’t even engaged! The dress arrived to the shop as part of Love Bridal’s collection and what followed was a few months of endurance, watching brides try it on in the bridal shop and feeling like I didn’t want anyone else to have it! FINALLY, we got engaged and when I put it on my sister was a tiny bit speechless. Plenty of times I thought I couldn’t pull it off, it’s such a magical dress that has a personality of its own. Once my fittings were done, however, it fit like a glass slipper so nothing was liable to move (hello plunging neckline) I felt truly like a bride. I added the embroidered initials and date to the cape as a little reminder for when I look at it in the years to come. It was kind of sad packing it into a box so let me know if anyone’s having a wedding dress party any time soon!

Q5. Have you any tips for brides/grooms when it comes to their big day?
Weddings are an industry in themselves and sometimes you can feel like you’re just one on a conveyor belt of weddings. Not so, it’s your special day! Spend time choosing suppliers you really bond with and it will make all the difference to the feeling of the day.

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