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*Full details of the JaneyMac Bridal Package below*

 *To avail of the package, you can send an enquiry to jane@janeymac.ie, or by hitting the messenger bottom of this page.*

*Alternatively, you can book the bridal package by availing of this product with no initial payment required*

Preparing to get married is far from easy. Between finding suppliers, arranging your venue and managing your guestlist, there is just so much to get through… and that’s before you start looking into wedding stationery, jewellery and deciding on your wedding theme. Now, I want to be able to make life easier for brides. That’s why I am launching the JaneyMac bridal package.

You can now get your invitations and bridal jewellery in one place. As well as this, you can avail of a unique discount code which will get you 20% off all orders up to your wedding day. You can also share this discount code with your guests, so they can use it to pick up some jewellery and accessories for your big day – a nice little surprise to send out along with your invitations.

If you opt for the JaneyMac bridal package, you can also avail of an optional 30 minute bridal fashion consultation. I can use my background in bridal fashion & design to share some tips around your style and theme for the big day, and answer any questions you might have.

The Janey Mac Bridal Package

For a starting price of €250, the JaneyMac Bridal Package includes the following:

  • Wedding Stationery – up to 100 cards. These can include Save The Date Cards, Full Invitations and/or Evening Invitations. All stationery designs are hand painted and come on 300 gsm textured card along with envelopes.
  • Wedding Jewellery – A Jewellery Set of your choice, from the range available on JaneyMac.ie Or any individual items from JaneyMac.ie to a value of €40.
  • Wedding Consultation (Optional) – Virtual or Phone Consultation up to 30 minutes long to discuss invitation choice, wedding themes and bridal fashion.
  • 20% Discount – If you avail of this package, you will also receive a unique code which you can use to get 20% of all orders for you and your guests right up to your wedding day.

You can include additional stationery cards, above the 100 cards included in the package for an additional cost of €0.50 per card.

The Wedding Stationery

I have created my own range of wedding invitations which can be found here. Each of these designs has been hand drawn and hand painted.

As part of the JaneyMac bridal package, you can browse the range of invites, to see if any of my designs suit your style.

Once provided with your wedding info & chosen design (See ‘How it Works’ section below), your wedding invitations can be designed, printed and sent directly to you.

Bridal Package…

The Jewellery

At JaneyMac.ie, we have a wide selection of jewellery available for brides and bridesmaids – with our jewellery featured on RTE’s Today Show.

You can check out our jewellery sets, earrings, hair accessories, bracelets and much more in our shop.

As part of the JaneyMac Bridal package you can opt for one of our jewellery sets. Alternatively, you can opt for any of our other accessories or pieces of jewellery to a value of €40.

Bridal Package…

Unique Discount Code

In addition to the above, you will also receive a unique discount code, which will be valid up to the day of your wedding, which will allow you get 20% off all orders on JaneyMac.ie. You can even share this with your guests, if they are looking to get some bling for the big day. 😊

Bridal Package…

How it Works

If you are thinking of availing of the JaneyMac bridal package for your special day, the following steps will give you an indication of what you can expect.

  1. Initial Enquiry. Due to the time taken to create a bridal package, there may be limited availability. By completing an initial free purchase of bridal package here (no need for payment), you will be guaranteed to be able to avail of the bridal package. It will be marked ‘out of stock’ if there is no availability.
  2. Initial CorrespondenceOnce I receive your order I will get in touch via email or WhatsApp using the email address or phone number you provided at checkout. At this point, I will get some info off you e.g. wedding date, details for stationery, number of invites, bridesmaids to be included etc.
  3. Application Form I will ask you to fill out a brief application form, just to make sure I have all info 100% correct, particularly for the invitations.
  4. Agree on Invitations, & Jewellery At this stage, we will be able to fully decide on your style of stationery, and jewellery. We can confirm details via call or virtual meeting at this stage, at which point you will be able to avail of your optional bridal consultation. (50% payment required at this stage).
  5. Confirm Invitation Design and Lay-out Before printing your stationery, I will send photos to check if you are happy with the design, text, formatting etc. and will then make changes accordingly.
  6. Invitations & Jewellery Delivered Once all of this has been complete, your stationery and jewellery will be delivered to your address via our selected courier.

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