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Here at JaneyMac, we’ve teamed up with OurWeddingSpace.com to help you create your own wedding site.

Complete the form at the link below (it takes 5 minutes). Your Wedding Space will be live within 24 hours for your to review. 

Once you are happy with your wedding space, you will receive a link to make payment of only €10. Once this payment is made, your wedding space will remain live, and wont expire.

💖 Get your unique URL and QR code to include on your wedding invitations

💖 Protect your wedding space with a passcode which is only shared with guests

💖 Include key details and schedule for your big day

💖 Add travel and accommodation info

💖 Upload documents for guests e.g. Ceremony Booklet, Menu etc.

💖 Online RSVP option for guests

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