Looking for Engagement Gift Ideas?

Have you been searching for engagement gift ideas for friends or family? Not sure what present to get for a newly engaged couple… Well you’re definitely not alone.

When it comes to picking up “a little something” for the lucky couple it can be really hard to decide what sort of engagement gift to go for.

Do you opt for practicality and pick up vouchers for a restaurant or hotel? Do you go for something wedding related and pick up a wedding planning book?

Maybe you want to go for something a little more elegant… or perhaps you would like to pick up something that has a bit of a novelty factor.

Well what if we told you we had something that ticks all of these boxes?

Introducing the Janey Mac Engagement Gift Card. Our gift card is practical, wedding related, elegant, and also lets you keep that personal touch.

Our gift cards are available in digital form or in the form of an engagement greeting card.

We have outlined 6 things that make this the perfect engagement gift.

1.Its really practical.

JaneyMac.ie is a brand new Irish Wedding platform and is the home of Ireland’s newest online Wedding Shop.

It has bridal jewellery and accessories, bridesmaids sets, wedding stationery, hen party accessories, as well as groom and groomsman accessories.

So by picking up an engagement gift card from JaneyMac.ie, you will be directly helping the engaged couple cover some of their wedding costs.

2. The personal touch.

When you order the greeting card version we will send you a beautiful Engagement Card (shown in the picture below) along with a white envelope. The voucher code and amount will be included on the inside of the card.

Janey Mac Gift Card…

This means you will be able to gift the voucher to the lucky couple without losing that personal touch. 😊

Janey Mac Gift Card…

 3. You’ll be introducing them to JaneyMac.ie

By picking up a JaneyMac gift card, you will also be introducing them to Ireland’s newest online wedding platform.

On JaneyMac.ie they will be able to keep on top of their wedding planning by using our free planning tools. They will find loads of wedding info & inspo through our blogs. And they will also be able to contact suppliers and venues directly.

So by introducing them to JaneyMac, you will be giving them all the benefits of a wedding planning book and more. 😁


 4. Your gift will be part of the wedding day

In our Wedding Shop, we have an amazing range of bridal accessories. 😍

This covers everything a bride would need on her big day including bridal earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, bracelets and clutch bags.

Bridal Set…

So when you finally see the beautiful bride at the wedding, you will know that your gift is a part of her big day. 😊

 5. It can be used towards hand-painted stationery

I have included a range of my hand-painted stationery in the Wedding Shop.

The engaged couple can easily edit the stationery and order it online by putting in their own personal info and wedding details.

You can see how easy this is in the video below.


6. There is something for the lads too

Our Wedding Shop also includes a section for the groom and groomsmen. You can find a range of accessories, beer glasses and wedding socks.

Wedding Socks…

The beer glasses and wedding socks are available for ‘Groom’, ‘Groomsman’ and ‘Best Man’.

Beer Glass…

So if you pick up an JaneyMac engagement gift, you could also be helping the groom and his groomsmen get kitted out on the big day.

So why not go ahead and order a Janey Mac Engagement Gift Card today?

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