These Floral Wine Glasses could make the perfect decoration for the centre pieces at your wedding. They would also look really elegant at the top table.

They’re also pretty easy to make once you have the right materials, as you’ll see in this step by step guide.


Wine glass (you can use plastic or glass versions)

Assortment of artificial flowers

Artificial ivy

Glue gun



Step 1

Glue artificial flower into the centre of the wine glass. I’ve used a purple/pink colour scheme to compliment the purple ombre wine glass.

Step 1….
Step 1…

Step 2

Wrap cream ribbon around the stem of the glass.

Start by adding a dot of glue and attaching the ribbon. Start wrapping and let the ribbon fold on itself as you wrap, making sure to wrap it tightly.

Step 2…
Step 2….

Step 3

Add cream ribbon bow to the top of the stem using a dot of glue, cutting the ends at an angle.

Step 3….
Step 3…

Step 4

Decorate the base of the glass with Ivy and other flowers using some glue. You could also add a small silver pearl to the front of the bow with some glue.

Step 4…
Step 4…

Here is a set I’ve created by adding leaves and some smaller roses using a glue gun.

Step 4…

This is a pretty easy DIY project. Just be patient and careful when you are using a hot glue gun.

All my materials were from The Range (in Maynooth) – you get loads of different flowers/leaves on one bouquet in The Range so you will definitely be able to make lots of these decorations.



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